Who to follow to make your feed more self-love friendly

KonMari that ish so that the things no longer serving you are out of your proverbial home. You can also choose to bring things into your feed that promote your well-being. Self-love and self-compassion are critical to your well-being. You’re going to be on social media anyway, why not fill your feed with influencers who will fill your feed with positive juju? The following influencers are doing just that.

For self-love around health & body

Joanne Encarnacion of @gofitjo Don’t get me wrong, Jo definitely has that aspirational lifestyle blogger thing going on, but she presents it in such a beautiful, imperfect, just doing my best kind of way.

Rini of @ownitbabe Rini is all about positive body image and openness around mental health. Her message geared towards those recovering from eating disorders, but there’s value here for anyone who’s ever based their own self-worth on the size of their body. Caroline Dooner of @thefuckitdiet Coming out with a book of the same name, The Fuck It Diet aims to stop the cycle of (pardon my French) fucked up diet culture and shine a light on the ways it’s harming our well-being. Alyssa Chang of @coachalyssachang Coach Alyssa uses a person-centered, and get-to-know-yourself approach to health and fitness. She promotes listening to our bodies as a way to heal them.

For self-love around embracing who you are

Pattie Gonia of @pattiegonia Bringing the glory of drag queen culture to the glory of the outdoors, Pattie Gonia is truly and unapologetically one of a kind. She will make you want to embrace your whole self. Nikita Gill of @nikita_gill Nikita is a writer who posts beautiful poetry and prose that promote a message of love for even the darkest corners of ourselves. Scott Turner Schofield of @turnerschofield A trans man in the film world, Turner Schofield faces something of an uphill battle, but his message is so positive and strong. I have no doubt that he’ll shake Hollywood into greater representation of trans individuals. Kelli Brown of @itsmekellieb Kelli started the #fatatfashionweek to raise the profile of bigger women in the fashion industry. Her style is fierce and she reminds us that fashion is for every BODY.

For self-love around achieving your goals

Arlan Hamilton of @arlanwashere Arlan is the founder of VC firm Backstage Capital and a relentless advocate for more diversity in VC and the start-up world. By sharing her own story of believing in her ability to make the impossible, possible, she inspires the rest of us. Marie Forleo of @marieforleo Marie’s key message, “The world needs that special gift that only you have,” is perhaps one of the most empowering/motivating messages I’ve ever heard. Her social posts follow suit, hitting a great balance of “you can do this” and “it’s ok to fail.” Kelly Roberts of @kellykkroberts Kelly is an athlete who’s “redefining what strength looks like,” for women, but her posts provide a ton of value around reaching your goals in general. She is open about her own struggles and her successes, and has created an incredibly supportive online community. Which influencers do you follow to fill your social feeds with messages of self-love? Please share in the comments!  ]]>

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