Why you should treat your career like training for a marathon

woman running

The marathon is everyone's favorite analogy for a long haul, and with good reason. It's easily recognizable, clearly communicates distance, and evokes images of endurance and perseverance. Which is why - at the risk of overusing the trope - I think it's an excellent way to think about your career.

Burn Out

So I went AWOL again.  The truth is, I totally burned out on marathon training.  I didn't want to run (far, anyway), I didn't want to write about running, and I didn't want to read about running. I spent too many Saturday mornings in soaking wet socks. I got my butt kicked by the move.…

Take me to the Water…or Riis Park and Second Monday

So how about that Fourth of July on a Wednesday?  Weird, right?  I mean it was great to have a day off in the middle of the week, but there's something a little anti climactic about Wednesday.  Alas. Since most of my friend's had to work the rest of the week, there would be no…