Reframing Inconveniences: The Type A Guide to Coping When Things Go Awry

Messy Parking Lot

Many of the inconveniences that contribute to chronic stress and frustration are caused by the little, everyday things. Not being able to find your keys/sunglasses/umbrella when you leave the house in the morning. Someone canceling a meeting at the last minute. Lunch spilling in your bag during the morning commute. Missing the bus or train. The "guaranteed by delivery date" comes and goes with no delivery. Little things have the potential to derail our day, throw us off our game, and leave us in a funk, but it doesn't have to be this way.

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, you’re not alone

Image - Imposter Syndrome

Research also suggests that imposter syndrome is extremely common. The idea that the majority of us struggle with feelings that we are not worthy, don't deserve, or just got lucky, in regards to our accomplishments is concerning, but not surprising. Consistent with many of the ails of contemporary life in the first world (#firstworldproblems), it aligns with a worldview of "never enough."

Self Care Strategies for Extremely Busy People

Self Care Strategies for Extremely Busy People

Self care. We all know we need it. Yet, many of us don't have extra hours (or dollars) in our week to dedicate to it. To that end, I've compiled some of the best self care strategies that take almost NO time, and won't break the bank. Keep live plants or cut flowers in your…

It’s Cold, Let’s Hibernate!

Snowy views from the cottage

Happy Holidays friends! I hope all of your celebrations were wonderful - Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Festivus. If they weren't for whatever reason, I hope they were at least a break from the ordinary! I've been loving the meme running around lately about how the days between Christmas and New Years are a confusing no-man's-land of…