Key Person Risk: What It Is, and How Minimizing It Can Improve Your Work/Life

Key Person

Something that's well understood, and frankly easier to do, in large corporations, is the need to reduce your dependencies. Nonprofits and small businesses, while leaner and meaner in my personal (and right) opinion, tend to dive headfirst into dependence on a few key players. This is why transitions, and VACATIONS, are so much harder in the mission-driven universe. No one can do our work for us because we are the only ones with the knowledge and tools to get it done. 

Introducing Opportunity Kitchen

This business is the tiny voice in the back of mind that would not be silenced. It's the passion project that's been driving me forward since before even I knew what it was. It's the perfect vessel to bring my particular skills, hard-earned knowledge, and enthusiasm together to do what it is I have always wanted to do: make sure mission-driven organizations and individuals have the tools and resources they need to do amazing work.