Perfect Ain’t in the Cards

The moving truck that pulled the electrical wires off our house

My oft repeated - and seldom truly embraced - motto for 2017 was, "You don't have to be perfect to be amazing." I found this wisdom somewhere on the internet late last year, made it the wallpaper on my iPhone, and decided they were the words to live by this year. While I've definitely had moments where I've lived it - I don't think I quite bought into it until recently. The last few months of 2017 have decided that I definitely need to learn this lesson and have been pulling out all the stops to make sure I get it through my thick head.

Keeping It Real Panel – Episode 2

Keeping It Real panel collage

How's everyone holding up through the holidays so far? Good? Not so good? Done shopping? On track to meet those Q4 goals in the next week? Wherever you fall in the preparedness scale, I'd bet money on you getting it done. Why? Because you are here reading this blog, so I am convinced that you are all magical, wonderful humans. Thanks for being here, and I hope the lovely ladies of the Keeping It Real Panel put a smile on your face as you plow through the end of the year.

Keeping It REAL – Episode 1

Keeping It Real panel collage

I am super duper, extra special, out of this world excited to bring you all the very first installment of the Keeping it Real panel! I introduced these awesome humans a few weeks ago, and today they are schooling us all on what life looks like: uncurated and unfiltered. Driven by a selfish desire to know if I'm actually failing at adulthood, or if everyone else is just supremely good at pretending on social media, I sent these wonder women a few questions. Here are their brilliantly relatable and hilarious responses!