Stretches you can do at your desk to de-stress

Woman smiling as she sits at her desk

Chronic stress is the worst. It kills our productivity, limits our ability to think creatively, and wreaks havoc throughout our bodies. To help keep minor stressors - like an "URGENT" email from a supervisor - from turning into chronic stress, I employ a few stretching and breathing techniques throughout my day. These stretches can all be done at your desk, in your work attire, anytime you need to hit the reset button on your stress response.

Is self-compassion the key to a healthy workplace?

Woman with coffee at her desk at work.

Whether you are the CEO or the janitor, you can cultivate self-compassion and subsequently bring it into your workplace, contributing to a healthier culture. When we treat ourselves with compassion, we not only strengthen our own ability to deal with stress and adversity, but we become better at supporting those around us with their challenges.