Does your team struggle with burnout, morale, or poor health? Is stress just a normal part of your company’s culture? Mission-driven work is inspiring and engaging, but the passion and commitment it requires can be challenging to sustain.

Mission-driven workplaces can’t afford high turnover and productivity losses – the work is too important! That’s why it’s critical to build a culture of health and wellbeing at your organization.

Reach out to schedule a consultation today. Available services include:

Workplace Wellbeing
-Well at Work(shops): In-person workshops customized for your team. Click here to learn more.
-Well at Work 12-week Program: a dynamic, 12-week program designed to cultivate a culture of wellbeing at your organization. Email for details.

We know that ample resources are necessary for a healthy organization, so we also provide fundraising consulting, including:
-fundraising strategy
-campaign development & implementation
-donor & funder communications
-grant management/planning/writing
-creating & auditing processes for fundraising success
-donor prospecting/donor profiles
-template development
-training for board/staff/stakeholders