New adventures online and off!

Side view of our new mountain house I don’t know if it officially qualifies as a “tiny house,” but it is the most darling little house. I can’t wait to make it a little home! We’re completely starting from scratch, and I’ll try to document the process every step of the way. Look forward to some house-focused posts here. I’ll cover everything from designing the place to figuring out how to keep ticks off the puggle (ahh nature). We totally slept on the floor the first night. We reallllllly need to get a bed. Also, please excuse the pile of destroyed tennis ball. Hektor is an artist of destruction. Sleeping on the floor at our new house In addition, I am delighted to announce a new series here on the blog: The Keeping it Real Panel. Each month, you’ll get to hear from a panel of experts (aka real people) about the things no one wants to get real about on the internet. We’ll answer the tough questions that the rest of the web won’t get honest about like: How often do you actually wash your sheets? Have you ever gotten booze-y and gone on an online shopping spree? What did you buy? How many times have you had cereal/popcorn/wine for dinner in the past week? (Drunk on Opportunity, where we ask the hard-hitting questions.) It should be fun! There are a bunch of awesome experts who will be weighing in. I’m looking forward to introducing them to you all, and to introduce a little dose of reality to the world of lifestyle blogging and social media. Yea, it’s impressive when we post pictures of those gorgeous gourmet meals we made with Blue Apron, but let’s not pretend we all eat that way the other 6 nights of the week. Right? I’m jazzed about what’s coming down the pike for this little blog, so thanks for following along. I hope you’ll have some fun with us in the coming months!]]>

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