What does a healthy work environment actually look like?


When you think of a healthy work environment, what do you picture? I've always imagined a fictionalized version of the Runner's World magazine office. Happy employees high five each other as they head back into the office, slightly flushed from a post-lunch team run. The light and airy kitchen is full of fruits, vegetables, and Terry in accounting's latest homemade vegan protein bars. Staff sit (and stand) at adjustable desks with cubicles full of yoga balls, foam rollers, and mason jars full of kombucha. Meetings are structured and productive, each employee's voice is valued, and creativity is encouraged. Everyone leaves at 5pm on the dot to go home and eat a wholesome meal with their friends and families.

Key Person Risk: What It Is, and How Minimizing It Can Improve Your Work/Life

Key Person

Something that's well understood, and frankly easier to do, in large corporations, is the need to reduce your dependencies. Nonprofits and small businesses, while leaner and meaner in my personal (and right) opinion, tend to dive headfirst into dependence on a few key players. This is why transitions, and VACATIONS, are so much harder in the mission-driven universe. No one can do our work for us because we are the only ones with the knowledge and tools to get it done. 

What does it mean to be “mission-driven?”

The mission-driven path

When I read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist for the first time, it changed my life. Not because it revealed some deeply kept secret, but because it put into beautiful narrative what I had understood all along: that following one's purpose is a worthy pursuit, but not necessarily a clear or easy one. Human beings are…

What the Heck is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporation

We're breaking down the difference between B Corps, benefit corporations and social enterprises on the blog today. Who knew!?

Rockstar Series: Balancing Your Passions

Rockstar Series: Balancing Your Passions

You know that someone in your life who makes you wonder, "How does she manage to get so much done!?" Today's rockstar is one of those people in my world. Cee-Cee seems to be constantly on the move, working  hard, slaying goals & chasing her dreams. I'm delighted to introduce her to all of you today and hope that you'll find her as inspiring as I do!

Rockstar Series – 2018 Goals Edition

"I don't want anything to slow me down"

Happy Hump Day friends! How's everyone holding up? I know the end of January can be rough. It's cold and dark, and the shimmer of the New Year has worn off. It can be rough to get motivated in these dreary winter months, so I'm excited to share the story of an amazing human who inspires me. Building on the theme of goals for the year, I am delighted to introduce you to Erica, who is bravely sharing her goals with all of us!

Rockstar Series: Curating a Career in the Arts

I'm delighted to introduce the latest chapter in the Rockstar Series, featuring artist and arts professional Lauren Bierly! Lauren and I were roommates in grad school, but we actually go all the way back to elementary school. In addition to her saint-like patience (evidenced by the fact that she lived with me and we're still…