What does it mean to be “mission-driven?”

The mission-driven path

When I read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist for the first time, it changed my life. Not because it revealed some deeply kept secret, but because it put into beautiful narrative what I had understood all along: that following one's purpose is a worthy pursuit, but not necessarily a clear or easy one. Human beings are…

What the Heck is a B Corp?

Certified B Corporation

We're breaking down the difference between B Corps, benefit corporations and social enterprises on the blog today. Who knew!?

Keeping It Real Panel – Spring Cleaning Edition

Let's Get Real About Spring Cleaning

I’ve always been fascinated by tidy people. My mom’s super neat, so maybe it’s a curiosity about the genes I didn’t inherit? When I was a kid, one of my classmate’s mom would vacuum their carpets into designs like sunbursts, and you weren’t allowed to walk on them. 20+ years later, I still think about it. Clearly, I’m fixated. To feed my obsession, and in honor of spring (and spring cleaning), I asked the Keeping It Real Panel to share their cleaning and organization styles with us!