Can’t focus? These four tactics will help you get back on track.

Woman at desk who can't focus

One afternoon last week, I found myself staring at a draft of an email. I was mid-sentence and just...could not focus. After reading and re-reading the words I had already managed to get down, I finally hit save and closed the draft. A lack of focus is just one more message our brains are sending us that we can listen and learn from.

How to ask your boss for a flexible schedule

Woman asking her boss for a flexible schedule.

If you've been thinking about asking for flexibility at the office, I encourage you to go for it. Several studies have found that flexibility at work makes us happier, healthier, and less prone to burnout. Once you've decided to go for it, try these tactics to increase the likelihood you'll get a resounding YES.

Has Work Taken Over Your Life?

Stressed woman at work

We live in a world where there is always more work to be done than hours in the day. We are beholden to strategic plans, work plans, road maps, targets, deadlines, and funnels. We live with constant change, where opportunities come and go faster than we can qualify ourselves to take advantage of them. We have a planet that needs saving, systems that need repairing, and a population in need of healing. In short, there is a lot to do.

What Tesla Teaches Us About Toxicity in Mission-Driven Workplaces


I think we can all agree that Elon Musk is a visionary leader. I think we can also all agree that he doesn't have a healthy relationship with work. In the wake of more turnover, what we're learning from Elon Musk and Tesla right now is that being fiercely mission-driven can be a double-edged sword. On one…

Three things YOU can do promote a healthy workplace

Happy man at his desk at work.

Each individual employee, from the lowest person on the totem pole to the Board Chairman is a critical contributor to the creation of a healthy work environment. The following steps are three key ways that you can take control of your relationship to work and contribute to a healthier workplace for everyone.

Who to follow to make your feed more self-love friendly

Hands in a heart shape at the sunset

Social media is much lamented for being destructive to our well-being - and with good reason. The comparison trap, the ease at which fake information can pass itself off as real, and the unrealistic expectations that curation and filters put on our lives can be detrimental. However, it doesn't have to be this way. You…

Stretches you can do at your desk to de-stress

Woman smiling as she sits at her desk

Chronic stress is the worst. It kills our productivity, limits our ability to think creatively, and wreaks havoc throughout our bodies. To help keep minor stressors - like an "URGENT" email from a supervisor - from turning into chronic stress, I employ a few stretching and breathing techniques throughout my day. These stretches can all be done at your desk, in your work attire, anytime you need to hit the reset button on your stress response.