In Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, the protagonist Santiago meets an alchemist while in pursuit of his Personal Legend. They journey together for a time, and before they part, the alchemist cooks lead into gold.

“Will I learn to do that someday?” the boy asked. “This was my Personal Legend, not yours,” the alchemist answered. “But I wanted to show you that it was possible.”

The alchemist sends Santiago on his way with some gold, and Santiago goes on to fulfill his Personal Legend.

At Opportunity Kitchen, we seek to fill the role of that alchemist. To help you achieve your mission by showing you what’s possible and creating the resources to make it happen.

Aubrie Fennecken

Aubrie Fennecken, Owner & Chief Alchemist
Aubrie is a work & wellness strategist and nonprofit fundraising expert. With a decade of experience working on revenue strategies for arts and nonprofit organizations, she is intimately familiar with the myriad of challenges that mission-driven companies and individuals face. Mission-driven individuals – teachers, social workers, artists, public servants, nonprofit employees, nurses, counselors, social entrepreneurs – dedicate their lives to making the world a better place. Who looks out for these heroes? Aubrie is committed to making sure mission-driven companies have adequate resources to best support the amazing humans who run them, and that mission-driven individuals are empowered to care for themselves, as they care for the world.

Aubrie is a certified health coach and registered fundraising counsel. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and (wait for it) Musical Theater from American University, and an MFA in Performing Arts Management from CUNY Brooklyn College. She’s trained for and raced marathons and triathlons while putting in 60-hour work weeks. She’s a coach with Girls on the Run NYC, and has been helping inspired humans to reach their fitness, professional, and personal goals in various capacities since 2003.

She wants to help you be well while doing good.