A Little House Update

Instagram, you already know I’ve been a giant ball of stress lately. I just couldn’t muster the mental acuity to put pen to paper, and so spent most of my downtime in some variation of legs up a wall. While restorative yoga is good for my anxiety levels, it isn’t conducive to writing. Ergo, none was done. With the Super Bowl behind us (GO BIRDS! or le sigh), and after a short but rejuvenating trip up to the little house, I’m a functioning human being again. Since the source of my newfound vigor was a trip to our tiny retreat, I figured it was about time to share an update! It’s still very slow going. We don’t have any art on the walls, some temporary solutions have become long term, and the bedrooms are all function and very little style. It will likely take us a few years to get everything the way we want it, but the fun’s in the process, no? Our new entry table Ryan found this great table for our entryway on Wayfair. It folds out to a full size table that fits our kitchen stools, so we can sit down to a proper dinner now. The oil jars are a hand me down from my parents, and the desk organizer was a gift from Ryan’s parents. It’s such a delight to walk into the house and see bright flowers instead of a bare white wall. Can you spot the tv in our living room? We also found these fun ottomans on Wayfair (we’ve been really impressed with everything we purchased there, so we keep going back). We wanted some additional seating for guests, but didn’t want to put anything in this room that took away from those windows. These colorful little pieces fit the bill! Speaking of not taking away from the windows, can you spot the tv Ryan mounted? Cozy corner I just love this cozy corner. The lamp is another hand me down from my parents. I’ve got to find a new lampshade, but otherwise, this corner is perfect to me (especially when there’s a Ryan or a Hektor sitting in it). Side note: I’m charmed by the contrast between the morning light in the previous photo and the afternoon light in this one. Hektor the couch puggle We’ve still got a ways to go on this side of the room. (So much white wall!) We’re on a search for the perfect bar cart to go where the record player sits now. Ryan ordered a laser cut map of one of the local lakes for the wall, but we’re still on the hunt for art. In the meantime, Hektor thinks we should paint him like one of those French girls. Our little neighborhood swimming hole Finally, I am beyond excited to share that this little creek feeds a swimming hole about a hundred yards out that is deep enough for swimming! There’s a little beach that the road association maintains in the summer, and s it turns out, another triathlete used to live on our street and would swim laps in there. As soon as that ice melts, you can bet I’ll be hopping into my wetsuit and testing out my training ground! Speaking of triathlon, I start training this week. I’m SO excited to be taking a more results-focused approach to my training this year, but I want to make sure the content here stays fun. What do y’all want to know about triathlon and my training? More technical stuff? More emotional? Athlete/life balance? Let me know. Happy Wednesday Lovelies!]]>

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