Last weekend Ryan, Hektor and I few south to visit Renee and take in some of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (Jazz Fest). If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending Jazz Fest, I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list. (Unless you don’t like good food, good music, and warm weather.) We had a great trip, and even ran into some Eagles fans – go birds!

One of the best parts of the trip was reuniting Hektor and Eliza Jane (Renee’s pup). We also got to meet Marge, Renee’s pit-mix, doll of a neighbor. How cute are these guys?

I have to say, travelling with the puggle is far easier than I ever could have imagined. Most airlines allow small pets in the cabin, provided they are able to comfortably stay inside their carriers, under the seat in front of you for the entirety of the flight. ( has a great digest and links to most major airlines policies.) Hektor’s been on quite a few flights in his day, and he’s always cool as a cucumber.

Sometimes we can’t convince him to get out of his carrier.

Now, I know not every dog is cut out for the jet-setting life, but if you think yours might be, here are a few tips that will make for a smooth flight:

Make sure your pet carrier can fit under an airline seat. Travel + Leisure put together a comprehensive list. We were looking at getting Hektor a new one, and most wouldn’t actually fit there.

Pack a small snack and collapsible water bowl for your pet. I usually throw a couple of greenies in Hektor’s pack in case he gets peckish. (Hot tip – avoid smelly snacks like bully sticks. Don’t be that guy.)

Hit up the pet-relief area outside the airport before you go through security. Once you pass that line, there often aren’t opportunities for your furry friend to relieve him/herself. That said, some airports DO have pet restrooms! We found one in Houston, and the American Kennel Club put together a list of the dog-friendliest airports in the US.

Pay attention to how your pet responds to travel. Hektor seems to really dig it. He gets into his carrier all on his own, sleeps through flights, charms fellow travelers in the airport, and exhibits no signs of distress. I’ve definitely seen pets on flights that are NOT happy though. If your pet doesn’t travel well, consult with your vet before flying with them again. They may be better off staying home with a sitter.

Happy travels!

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