If you follow me on social media, you may have seen that Ryan and I got engaged earlier this month! We were already thrilled to be building a life together, but we are looking forward to making it “official” and celebrating with our loved ones.

Getting married nowadays is a funny thing, isn’t it? Most of us live with our partners long before we get married, both have careers of our own, and aren’t getting married for any kind of religious or moral imperative. Aside from the paltry tax advantages, and the perceived simplicity of raising kids as a legal unit, there aren’t a lot of tangible reasons to get married in 2018. And yet. More than 75% of Americans get married at some point in their lives. I won’t dig into the sociology and psychology around it (at least today), but in spite of it’s being logically unnecessary, marriage is still important to many of us.

As two progressive, thirty-somethings co-habitating in New York City, Ryan and I have a very clear view of what is important to us in our life and marriage. We’ve got that part figured out. However, we hadn’t previously put a lot of thought into what a wedding might look like.

Aubrie & Ryan's engagement announcement

Upon reflection, we’ve come to the conclusion that we are truly excited to celebrate our future together with a wedding, but won’t be humoring any cultural constructs that don’t jive with our approach to the rest of our lives together.

We love to party with the people we love, so throwing a party to celebrate our love feels completely natural. We want to take this opportunity to spend quality time with all of the wonderful humans in our lives. We love food and booze, so we want it to be good and plentiful, but we’ll sacrifice fancy before we cut anyone from the guest list. We want our families and friends to have an amazing time, so we’ll be including their input throughout the process.¬†Perhaps planning a big party for guests scattered across the farthest corners of the United States (and beyond) is a logistical nightmare, but we’re looking forward to it.

I promise Drunk on Opportunity won’t turn into a wedding planning blog. There are plenty of talented folks creating quality content on that topic (I’ll probably send you in the direction of my favorites). I will be featuring posts that relate to the wedding on things we already talk about here: healthy living, confidence, and approaching life with less stress and more fun. I’ll talk about trusting myself when making important decisions, balancing external expectations with what matters to us as a couple, and designing an event that is healthy (in the broadest sense) for us, our guests, and the environment.

Anyone else out there planning a wedding? Have lots of thoughts/opinions on weddings? I’d love to hear your perspectives in the comments!

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Aubrie Fennecken is the Chief Alchemist at Opportunity Kitchen | work + wellness strategist | nonprofit fundraising expert | providing productivity and self-care support for mission-driven humans

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