How’s everyone holding up through the holidays so far? Good? Not so good? Done shopping? On track to meet those Q4 goals in the next week? Wherever you fall in the preparedness scale, I’d bet money on you getting it done. Why? Because you are here reading this blog, so I am convinced that you are all magical, wonderful humans. Thanks for being here, and I hope the lovely ladies of the Keeping It Real Panel put a smile on your face as you plow through the end of the year.

Today’s realness comes with a theme…ish. I am a giant sucker for goals, setting intentions for the future, and the freshness that comes with a new year. (I make vision boards every New Year. I KNOW, gross, right?) I asked the panel to share some of their fears (real or ridiculous, no judgments), and those stubborn resolutions that just don’t seem to stick. Because, let’s be real: we are all afraid of something, and we all have a resolution that we just haven’t been able to knock off the list. Here’s some honest wisdom for y’all!

What’s the weirdest thing you are afraid of, or were afraid of at some point in your life? How do you deal, or how did you get over that fear?

Nicole: Cheese. (The texture, the smell, all of it.) Small spaces. (Like when I watch Christmas movies with Santa going down the chimney, I legit almost have a heart attack.) Sharks. (Yet I paddle boarded six days a week in Cali and Charleston. Conquering fears I guess? I figured I could kickbox them in the face if they tried to get me.)

Editor’s Note: Nicole could absolutely kickbox a shark. She’s a badass.

Kara: I’m scared of all bugs. Also, I’m scared of death and heights. Still waiting to overcome those fears, will keep you posted!

Shari: I HATE clowns. No I’m still not over it.

Maeghan: I have a fear of whales that I consider to be pretty rational. Anything that can swallow you whole should be feared. I am also afraid of the deep part of the ocean. If I can’t see the bottom, I’m not going.

Heather: When I was about 3 or 4, I was absolutely terrified of pinecones, and I mean HORRIFIED. I would scream and run, I still to this day remember the feeling of intense fear. Luckily I had an older brother whose favorite hobby was bugging the crap out of me, so he took every opportunity he could to plant pinecones and chase me with them – not to aide me in getting over my passionate, irrational fear – but because he found it hilarious. So, thanks bro? I can now hike and only fear bears and rogue hunters, the pinecones ain’t shit.

Julie: For the longest time, I was convinced that walking over any grate or other covered opening on a sidewalk would send me plummeting. I think I just kept making myself walk over them, but the thought still crosses my mind occasionally. Who wants to end up in a sewer?

Stephanie: Chuck E. Cheese and I’ll never get over it. It’s not weird, and if you say you’re not afraid, you’re lying.

You guys crack me up, but you are also, SO RIGHT. That shit is scary.

Do you have a resolution (or goal) that you’re constantly putting off and re-setting for yourself? What is it?

Nicole: Absolutely. I tell myself I’ll do a caffeine cleanse and stop drinking sugar free red bulls, because they don’t help my insomnia and they give me headaches sometimes. But it just doesn’t happen!

Susan: Becoming an interesting person again. This was falling by the wayside before the kid was born, now I have a toddling perpetual excuse. I’ll get there eventually. Well, you wanted to keep it real, right?

Editor’s Note: I find Susan very interesting. There are definitely boring people in this world, but she is decidedly NOT one of them.

Ashley: Trying to eat healthy and have a regular exercise routine.

Shari: Flossing. I’ll be consistent for like a week and then forget about it for 2 months before I re-start.

KG: To understand the word “budget”. In 2018 I will get my cash flow in check.

Julie: Losing weight. Ugh. I’m so good at getting up and working out, but I can’t stick with the healthy eating part.

Alyssa: Learn Spanish and start a side hustle.

Kristen B: I moved apartments in May and I have one unpacked cardboard box and a book case/storage cube that needs to be assembled. Every morning I try to put together an outfit from a pile of unfolded, clean black clothing that I transfer from a wash basket to my bed and back again at night. So many black clothes that are impossible to differentiate. Send help.

Editor’s Note: Task Rabbit that ish!

Marissa: I want to go green in more aspects of my life! i.e. composting, eliminating plastic sandwich bags, paper plates, start riding my bike to work etc. Cars and paper plates save so much time! No excuses. Environment>convenience.

Heather: Spend less time on social media. I miss the days when I gave up my MySpace on a whim and never looked back.

Ain’t that the truth! I can relate to so many of these nuggets. How about you dear, reader? What’s your silliest fear? The resolution you just can’t get to stick? Keep it real and share with us in the comments!

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