REI’s Force of Nature Campaign
REI just launched a public campaign to bring women to the forefront of the world of outdoor adventure. Rocking the tagline, “Let’s make outside the largest level playing field on earth,” they’re bringing women to the forefront of their marketing campaigns, spotlighting women adventurers, offering programs and classes specifically for girls and women, and working with brands to improve gear that’s designed for women. They’re kicking things off with more than 1,000 events geared towards women and girls on May 6th, find one near you. I’ll be meeting my mom in the mountains of western New Jersey for a rock climbing class!

besties take high rocks!

Instagram for Trip Planning
The gentleman and I are headed to Spain this summer! We’ve mapped out our route and identified a few key things we want to do, but otherwise the trip is an open book. I’m a little obsessive about getting “the lay of the land” before I go somewhere so that I can just dive in and enjoy when I arrive. To bring my travel research to the 21st century, I started following a bunch of Spanish bloggers on Instagram (here’s one of my favorites). I’ve picked up a bunch of bar and restaurant recommendations, I’ll know what to pack to look like a local, and I swear it’s  even helping me improve my Spanish. Nothing like a social media education, right?


We tried to go to Hibino for sushi last weekend and they had a 45 minute wait (at 9pm)! I’m not a patient person, so we wandered up Atlantic Avenue to find something else. We wandered into Boutros, a new-ish restaurant (opened last fall). The food was delicious and creative, and the cocktails were exquisite. They’ve got a really cool aesthetic as well. There are a few minor kinks – the waitstaff is very sweet and competent, but noticeably green, and the wine list leans a little too pricey – but overall it’s fantastic. Check it out!

dessert on the house

Girlfriend Collective Leggings
I know this is news to absolutely no one, but I still want to shout it! I finally got my pair in the mail last week and they are superb. Super comfy, with a flattering fit, they absolutely live up to the hype. You can get all the deets on the manufacturing here, but the short story is that they’re eco-friendly and fair-trade. Did I mention they’re flattering?




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