Maybe it’s the holidays, but I’m SUPER excitable lately. Don’t get me wrong – I’m always a little excitable – but I’m on some other level uppers over here.

Since I’m not one to keep things to myself (seriously, nothing – do NOT tell me secrets), here are some things I’m jazzed about right now:

Uncommon Goods
Fantastic online retailer that has excellent gifts (heyy holiday shopping). Featuring gorgeous and ingenious products by artisans, designers and crafters, the company is a B-corp (three cheers for sustainability and community impact). I’ve purchased at least a dozen gifts from the site over the past few years and have NEVER been disappointed.

f.a.d. weekend
They’re back! I discovered f.a.d. weekend’s summer pop up market in July. I was totally charmed by the collection of vendors, and I’m SO excited that they’ve opened up a holiday market in my neighborhood. If you live in New York City, I highly recommend going. If you’re not local, check out their list of exhibitors. Most have online stores too!

Sunken Hundred
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m psyched about this spot. Again – if you’re not local to New York, I’m so sorry. It’s a welsh bar/restaurant with a seafood-heavy menu and a charming interior. The bartender was wearing a Notorious BIG tee, and one of the servers gave me her secret to a perfect red lip. The food and cocktails were unique and delicious, and it’s just a damn pleasant place to be.


The Waitress’ Christmas Wrapping
This song is so baller, I forget it was released in the 80s. NPR did a fun “behind the song” segment a few years ago. Check it out.

The Little Market
Full confession – I watched every single episode of The Hills. And yes, I enjoyed the heck out of it. That shit was dramatic, and just real-enough to feel completely relatable and totally soap-opera-y. Lucky for all of us, Lauren Conrad grew up to be a pretty savvy business lady. Everybody’s favorite California girl launched an online fair trade shop a few years back. As a big fan of responsible consumerism (you guys, I KNOOOOOW, I’m a terrible, terrible cliche), I love that I can find a plethora of great “safe” stuff in one place.

What are you loving right now? Any holiday shopping (or post-shopping cocktail) recommendations for me?

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