Wow. The summer is almost over. Holy. Shit.

In all honesty, I don’t know why I’m surprised. It happens every year. It’s the fourth of July, I blink, and suddenly the mornings and evenings are cool, pumpkin spice everything is for sale, and all the little kiddies are back in school. It slays me every time.

Don’t get me wrong – fall has a lot to redeem itself: gorgeous weather (the BEST run weather), pretty leaves, FOOTBALL, the best clothes in my closet, the list goes on. But it does mean that summer is over.

And while that is sad for me – it does mean that I really REALLY owe you all my NYC Triathlon race recap.

First – I want to take one last moment to thank the amazing humans who donated to my race fundraiser for Back on My Feet New York City. You are so generous and kind, and I’m truly grateful for all of you!

I also want to thank Back on My Feet and my Brooklyn teammates. First, because running with ya’ll is the highlight of my week, and second, because you gave me the opportunity to race one of the coolest races on the planet. Thank you!

Next, I want to thank all of the volunteers and cheerers along the course and my fellow racers. I have run a LOT of races at this point, and the positivity and energy along the NYC Triathlon course was something else. The encouragement from on and off the course was palpable!

Last, but certainly not least- whoever handed me a bag of ice around mile 3 of the run – I will love you forever. If I had an estate to will to you – I would do it. HOLY SHIT was it hot that day, and that bag of ice made my last few miles so, so, so, so much more enjoyable.

On the whole, this race was definitely a more emotional experience than I’m used to. It meant a lot more to race it for an organization I love, and to think of all the people who made it possible for me to be there that day. I often get pretty blissed out while racing, but this was some other level shit. #hippydippyoverhere

A few weeks before the race, I decided that I wanted to really enjoy the whole thing, which was a deviation from my original season plan. Back in January, I had big plans to BEAST this one, but come June I was just feeling like racing for fun. I mean, aside from paying a grand to race it again, when else am I going to get the chance to swim in the Hudson River, ride my bike up the actual West Side Highway, and run down the middle of 72nd street?

So what was the Hudson like? It smells a little funky. There are definitely fish in there. I palmed a plastic grocery bag at one point. Otherwise, it’s basically just open water. It was pretty cool. I felt like Kramer.

The bike course is amazing. It’s full of rolling hills (which killed me, but in a good way…and what goes up gets to speed down), and it is BEAUTIFUL. You go over this one bridge twice (I should google what it is, but who has time for that) with this incredible view, and all I could think was “This is so f*cking cool!” Seriously, so cool.

The run course isn’t anything life changing, but it was cool to run down the middle of 72nd street – and who doesn’t love a loop (or almost loop) of Central Park? It was hot by the time I was on my feet, but thankfully, the park is nice and shady, and there were all of these wonderful humans giving me water – and a special set of humans who gave me a bag of magic ice (see above). #blessed

I’m about to get RULL with ya’ll. Around mile 2, I had to pee SO badly. There was a part of me that wanted to wait it out and suffer through…but I killed that part of me real fast and hit up a port-a-potty. Turns out, I’m just not that serious about racing and would rather be comfortable than speedy.

In the end, I came out with respectable times, but nothing to write home about, and I had a damn good time. I even took advantage of the free massages at the finish. #superblessed

Life was good. Life IS good.

I’ve decided to forego my previously planned October tri (for a million reasons), but it feels pretty good to close the season with this one. It was a great race, and it really captured everything I love about triathlon. Of course I want to get better, but at the end of the day, I enjoy the shit out of a good swim, bike, tri

Until next season, triathlon!

P.S. – Imma blog about NOT training soon. #whaaaat?

P.P.S. – Please excuse my extraneous, inappropriate, and sarcastic use of hashtags and run-on sentences. I can’t help myself.


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