It’s no secret that the northeast is having one sludge of a winter. And yes, you’re all tired of hearing about it. So I’m just going to move right along and tell you I’ve already gone on two lovely runs outside this week, in spite of the horrifying view from Monday night:ICEBERG AHEAD!

YeeaauP, that is the frozen wasteland formerly known as New York Harbor. Thankfully, that view wasn’t representative of how cold it felt. It was actually pretty pleasant running weather… but given the icebergs, you all think I’m a badass now, right?

Last week was fun. I got to hang with my little younger brother on Saturday. We went to see The Events at New York Theatre Workshop (its great, go see it!), then I brought him to the infamous Crocodile Lounge. When you buy a drink, they GIVE you a pizza. I’m not kidding. You should go there. I feel like there’s a world where I organize a long run that ends there this summer…*

If you follow me on twitter, you know I engaged in some dangerous behavior on Friday night. Online shopping over wine has damaged many a credit score. I hid my cards from myself, so I didn’t end up buying anything, but I’m still considering (and lusting over) these, this, this, and these. You can find em all on my pinterest boards too!

I also made some DIY beauty products over the weekend. The jury is still out, but I’ll give you a round up of what did and didn’t work for me in the next month or so. I definitely have some doubts, but I pride myself on being a human guinea pig, so bottoms up!

IMG_1792On the training front, I spent just under four hours on this trainer at the rec center. My butt + that seat = BFFs. The rec center has definitely grown on me, I mean you really can’t beat full access to a bike trainer and some good lap-swim hours when you’re in training. That said, I’ve got a serious hankering for the road and the sunshine. Spring is coming right? (And Game of Thrones!)

I also knocked out 3500 yards in the pool, ran for an hour and 10 mins (which was short of my goal for the week – especially since I have a half marathon in a month), and logged two 25 min strength sessions.

It was a decent week of training – definitely above and beyond any of my previous weeks on the bike – but I didn’t do a great job of planning on the nutrition front. As one of my favorite Rockstars says “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” and I dropped the ball there. I’ve definitely found that both WHAT I eat, and WHEN I eat it have a much more significant effect when training. (This girl needs to be eating more Vitamin D if it isn’t coming from the sun!) I’m doing a ton of research to try and dial in on what works for me, and I’ll give ya’ll a rundown of the findings soon!

I’ve also found that getting enough (and quality) sleep can make or break a day’s workout. It’s so huge! I love my sleep, but I never realized how MUCH it matters. With occasional two-a-days, I’m definitely still figuring out the best way to balance AM and PM workouts in a way that gets me in bed early enough for 7-8 hours. Accepting any and all tips!

I also think I need to concede that I need some yoga in my life. I’ve been terrible at prioritizing it in the past (I go, but never regularly), but now may be the time. I’m not sure WHERE the time will come from, but I may have to make it. Maybe I’ll just stop folding my laundry 🙂


*Would you be interested in joining me for a long run that ends in beer and free pizza?





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