Kombucha in a wine glass - just as good as the original
Kombucha in a wine glass – just as good as the original

Last time we met, I gave you a run down of how gung-ho I am about being a better triathlete this year. I told you all about my plans to get up early to work it out, drink less, learn from the best, and invest in my training and nutrition. Guess what?! I did all of those things this week, and I feel great! Buuuut, the reality is that it’s just the beginning. I’ll have to keep the commitment and the hunger for months. Getting one swim, one bike, and a few runs in every week isn’t going to cut it if my goal is to really nail it this year. So while week one was amazing, it came with a heaping slice of humble pie.

But before I get into the dirty details, I’d like to invite you Back on My Feet NYC’s Comedy Night on February 26th! I can’t be there (work event), but YOU can be! Tickets are $25 each and include DRINKS. Annnnd, if you buy a ticket and email me to let me know, BoMF will count your ticket sale toward my BoMF FundRACEing campaign for the NYC Tri. So, do a girl a favor  and laugh your ass off on 2/26!

So what was easy about week one?

For one – going to bed early and getting up earlier was WAY easier than I expected. Running with Back on My Feet has always been my favorite – it’s so much easier to get up knowing that hugs and awesomeness await me in the cold (cold) dark morning.

Swim practice is my new favorite thing. It felt just like the swim team practices I remember and love (except with less whining on my part). I cannot wait to go back.

What was hard?

Computrainer. I joined Brooklyn Triathlon Club (BTC) earlier this year, and they’ve been an amazing resource. Right now, I’m mostly trolling the forums for advice, links and words I don’t know; but come spring, I’ll be able to join club workouts, rides, etc. I’m a total novice on the bike, so when someone mentions “computrainer” I have to google it. One of the cool things about the BTC forum is that members will sell their sessions when they can’t make them – sooo I got to try out a single computrainer session without making any commitments (oh, and the triathlete I purchased it from was nice enough to pass along some key tips!).

It. kicked. my. butt. So, right before we got started the guy running the session told me that the 2 hour ride I was about to take, was equivalent to a 4 hour ride on the road… Did I mention I haven’t ridden more than 45 minutes on the road since…August? To save my own legs, I made a mental note to take it easy and ride my own pace. It was a lot of fun, and challenging (I totally got lapped on the “course”), and my quads were burning after an hour and a half. I was stunned when I didn’t end up sore the next couple of days.

Know what that means? 1) I did a bad job of hydrating and managing my nutrition, 2) there’s a healthy level of uncomfortable I need to learn to work through, and 3) I have a lot of work to do on the bike.

Which leads me to the question – how do I get more work on the bike in the winter?!? For now, I’ve snagged a spot for this Sunday, but I have no plan for the remainder of the snowy season. Buy a trainer for my apt? Sell my soul for lots of computrainer sessions? Move to California?

What would you do?


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