I’ve started – and abandoned – so many posts in the past few months. Life keeps getting in the way! I didn’t kick any major milestones, master a new skill, or set a PR; but I did start a new job in the fall (which is both AWESOME and TERRIFYING), went to my 10 year high school reunion (good God, I’m old), and got to spend some quality time with friends and family. I’ve just been living life.

Buuuut old habits die hard and I’ve been itching to document all of the riveting sh*t I do in the day to day here on the inter-webs. Plus, I start training soon and I’m more consistent when I blog about it – so here we are!

IMG_1661For starters, thanks to my wonderfully generous parents I have a real road bike this year! I’ve been racing triathlons on a hybrid – which is fun and all – but when you’re placing 4th and 5th in your age group every. single. time. you kind of want to see what you can accomplish with the right tools. This year I’ll be racing on this beautiful Amira Sport by Specialized. Since the bike won’t race itself, and I am committed to kicking some multisport booty this year, I am going to WORK.

I am going to work so hard that I’ve signed up for a coach-led swim workout that starts at 6am.  WHO AM I? Yup – I’m taking the plunge and seeking advice from an expert…before I have my morning coffee. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Back on My Feet
Rocking my hottest sorority squat w/ Team Brooklyn in 2013

I’m also gambling on my skillz from my day job for a little extra motivation. For the first time in my racing life, I am FUNDracing!  (You would think that as a professional fundraiser I would be all over this, but nope.) But I’m not just fund racing for any old organization, I’m fund racing for Back on My Feet! You may remember them from my posts here and here. It’s seriously the greatest (and I reaallllllly need to get up earlier so I can start running with a team again). On July 19, 2015, I’ll race more than 30 miles around Manhattan in the New York City Triathlon, but before I do it, I have to 1) turn 29 and 2) raise $2,900 for Back on My Feet! For more details (and to help me celebrate my 29th birthday) visit my page.

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