I’ve never been a streaker, you know someone who runs every day for a streak of time, but I figured I needed a kick in the bum, so I signed up for the #Spartan30 Mile a Day Challenge (exciting thing #1).  I figure a mile a day won’t get me into trouble with any overuse injuries- and on these cold days, it’s enough motivation to get me into the gym (once I’m there, I’ll actually work).  I’m on day 2, and I’ve kept up with it.
Whooooo streaking!


The next thing I’m psyched about is all of the MONEY I’ve been spending lately.  I spent $500 on two items this week.  Seriously, I’m like a sieve with broth – the dollars are just passing right through my fingers.  My first big purchase was an entry into The Nation’s Tri (#2)!

Ever since I finished my first sprint tri last August, I’ve wanted to do an Olympic distance race.  Since I lived in DC for years, I know it’s one of my favorite places to run (I went on a casual morning run without a watch while visiting for a bachelorette party last spring and ended up running 8 miles).  I have some amazing friends who still live in the district, AND I know where I can get a killer bloody mary post-race.


My second major purchase was to join a CSA (3)!  I’ve been planning to join one for literally 3 years, and every spring I found a reason not to.  In 2011, I was in grad school and could never make the pick up times.  In 2012, I didn’t try to sign up early enough and all the shares were gone.  In 2013, I just couldn’t bring myself to pony up the $350 all at once.  Well I finally did it (thanks to a little liquid courage and distress over the Eagles game), and I’m really looking forward to a summer full of farm fresh veggies.  I am also very excited to finally be supporting a local farm.  Joining a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is really in line with my views on health, the environment, and (what I hope will be) the future of agricultural policy in this country.  If you want to learn more about CSA’s, and if you live in New York City and want to join one, check out justfood.org.

Finally, I’m really excited about this podcast I just listened to on The Fat Burning Man Show (4).  Now, before you judge (YES Abel James looks like such a DOUCHE, but it really is a pretty good podcast), give it a listen.  Don’t watch the video – seriously, who can stand looking at so much V-neck – just listen to the podcast.  Download it on iTunes and listen to it on the subway, or in the car, or at the gym, because it is the BEST conversation on optimum human diet that I have ever listened to.

It’s nothing revolutionary, but Chris Kresser discusses how he evaluates which studies and claims are actually good and which are not, and concludes that there is not a “one size fits all” perfect diet that works for everyone.  There’s a baseline of things that are clearly pretty good for you, and a baseline of things that are clearly pretty bad for you, but you have to fine tune your eating habits based on your body’s reactions to different foods.  I’m so tired of being fed these all or nothing approaches, so this discussion (and probably the subject of Chris’s book The Personal Paleo Code – which I have not read) was super refreshing.  Yay for common sense!

So those are my four exciting things of the moment – oh, and you know what, one more – some of my amazing friends have hooked me up with some great new recipes after my call for help last post!  THANK YOU!

What’s exciting in your world right now?

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