I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time out of town visiting with friends and family recently.  First I spent a weekend in DC with my beautiful college girlfriends:

I didn't get the "We're all wearing black" memo...
I didn’t get the “We’re all wearing black” memo…

Then I got to spend a few days in Cape Cod with my friend Kate and her wonderful family, and my brother, who lives up there in the summers.  Shameless plug: Liam (brother) sings with the Hyannis Sound in the summer.  I got to see two of their concerts while I was up there, and if YOU are in Cape Cod, you should check them out.  Details at http://www.hyannissound.com.

I’ve had a wonderful time visiting, but my system is fried.  I think there were a couple of days while I was in Cape Cod where the only vegetables I ate were onion rings, and between the two trips, I sat on a bus for more than 24 hours.  Well, I’m back in town, and I have exactly one week until my first triathlon.  I’ve kept up with my workouts, but not my nutrition, so I’ve got my work cut out for me this week in terms of rebooting.

just a stiff hawking budweiser
just a stiff hawking budweiser

This photo is unrelated, but isn’t that the weirdest grocery store display ever?  Apparently Budweiser has a new “Bowtie Can” so they needed this swanky fellow to promote it? I digress.

Here’s my plan for getting my insides back on board.

1) Eat five-eight servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
2) Drink lots of water.

That’s it.

I’m sure I could try a cleanse or juice all week or cut something out of my diet, but I’m not going to do it right before a race.  Sure it’s a short race (really, really short), but something about messing with diet before a new event seems dangerous to me.  After the tri I plan to make some fueling changes in an effort to improve my racing performance, but for now I’m sticking with the basics.

So here’s hoping that going back to my regular routine will get me into fighting form in time for Sunday!

Have you ever totally fallen off the fitness wagon while on vacation?  How did you get back on board?

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