I really want to tell you how freaking hot it is in New York City right now, but you already know that.  If you don’t live here, someone you know does and is whining about it on the internets, so I’ll spare you.  Instead, I’m going to tell you about the LAST thing I discuss: body weight.

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From my experience, most women – yours truly, included – have struggled with their body image at some point in their lives, and oftentimes it revolves around weight.  I have defined myself by a number on a scale and a jean size, obsessively counted calories, and eaten my feelings at different points in my life.  For that reason, I work hard to not give too much power to the scale, and focus on being strong and healthy instead of on being a certain size or weight.  I’m proud of that, and when my friend said to me last weekend, “You look strong!” I was elated.  But, as I’ve progressed as a runner (and hopefully eventually as a triathlete), I’ve noticed that all those super fast folks I know are, well, leaner than I am.  You know what?  I want to be faster!

Recently, I came across Runner Projection Utilities.  Basically it’s a collection of some amazing spreadsheets put together by people far smarter than me, that project how fast you can run at different fitness levels, weights, etc, based on your current race times.  Being a bit of a spreadsheet geek I immediately dove in, and the numbers think that I could be kind of fast.  I mean -not super athlete fast- but time goals I’ve set for myself are apparently well within reach, and if I lost just a few pounds, some of my reach goals are possible!

So I’m considering shooting for my ideal race weight in order to get faster.  Do you have an ideal race weight?  Have you ever improved your running by losing a few extra pounds?

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