When I came home from my bike ride today (14.66 miles woot woot), Charlie told me I was “lookin sporty!”  I guess a bike helmet and tech tank will do that to you.

<—- Just dressing like a triathlete over here.

It got me thinking about how much more “stuff” is necessary for training for a triathlon than there is for a running race.  I’ve been feeling a little under-teched for this sport, especially when I get lapped by cyclists with tricked out bikes at the park.

Even though I’m doing a pretty bare bones approach to my first tris, there are quite a few necessities.

Shall we take a look?

Must Haves
Bicycle Helmet
Running Shoes
Access to a pool/safe open water

Things that aren’t completely necessary but would be hard to do without
Bike pump (best investment I’ve made!)
Tech bike shirts (they have a back pocket that is AMAZING)
Access to a bike trainer/treadmill for bad weather workouts
Flat tire kit
Garmin (btws I’ve been using my Garmin on my bike and it just thinks I’ve become an Olympic caliber runner overnight)

So in addition to the things I’m already working with, there are a million things that more seasoned triathletes utilize, like clipless pedals and bike shoes, tri suits, wetsuits, aerobars, specially designed tri bikes, the list goes on!  In fact, it’s the list of “stuff” that kept me from trying a triathlon for so long.

Unlike running, triathlon really isn’t accessible.  Anyone can run- all you need is a good pair of shoes and the will to move forward.  Triathlon requires something of an investment, and I feel very grateful to have the access and resources to be able to partake; even if I don’t have the most advanced gear.  I’m still looking sporty!

Triathletes -and all Athletes – out there, are there programs that make more expensive sports available to athletes without the funds?




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