So I’ve been dancing around with the idea of trying a more paleo/primal diet.  I’m not sold just yet, but the logic behind it interests me, as does the continued existence of bacon.  There are a few things I don’t get, but I subscribe to a “don’t knock it til you try it” philosophy, so I’ve decided to test the waters. (Please note- this day was not strictly paleo, just…paleo-leaning)

Last Monday, I gave myself a little test run of a world without bread and cheese.  So I had a cookie at 10pm on Sunday night, which meant, if I could go until 10:30pm on Monday without eating any grains or dairy, I’d have mastered a 24 hour paleo/primal inspired day.  Well, I did it, but I also had 3 cookies at 10:30pm on Monday…sooo, whatever that means.

For breakfast I had raw trek mix from Trader Joes & a banana.

For lunch- a sweet potato with black beans & corn (yes I know this is starchy- no, I don’t care)

Snacks?- baby carrots, an apple, more raw trek mix, a dark chocolate square, half a grapefruit

Dinner (between jobs)- A chipotle bowl with chicken, peppers and onions, pico de gallo, hot sauce, corn & guac

Dessert- a glass of red wine & a handful of strawberries

What did I think of the day’s food? Most of the day, I felt satiated but never full.  I will tell you I was STARVING the hour before I had dinner, and maybe that’s why the paleo and primal diets include so much lean meat protein over other sources.  I felt much better after dinner, but as soon as my 24 hours was up, I ate three cookies, sooo maybe depriving myself wasn’t the best strategy?  Then again, maybe the fact that I allowed myself cookies after my “hard time” was up, indicates that my mind needs flour, butter and sugar more than my body.

My verdict- I’d try it out, but I don’t think I’ll ever go completely paleo or primal.  However, until the marathon is over, I won’t be making any drastic diet changes.  I do recognize that I’ve been snacking way more than I need to, and that I can pretty easily cut back on added sugars and unnecessary carbs.

So, that’s my stance for now, what’s yours? Do you subscribe to any particular “diet” or “lifestyle”?  Do you like it?

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I'm Aubrie - nonprofit professional / triathlete / adventurer / blogger / currently on a frugal design journey as a new homeowner. Irreverent with good intentions.

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  1. So funny you mention the Paleo diet because I just got an email from runners world about this! I try my hardest to eat natural foods…but I am a HUGE sugar addict and I have been trying to cut back on it but it is so hard and I know candy, cookies etc are so processed and not the best for runners! All things in moderation is my moto! You are so close to marathon day:)

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