You know what’s awesome? FOOD! Yea, I’ve got a thing for it.  I’ve made some delicious meals/snacks in the past week, so you’re going to get some food porn today.  But first, a training update! (Not gonna lie, I read this article and was like….oooo, I do that to the entire internet…woops.  Yet I persist!)

What I was supposed to do:
Sunday- Cross Train
Monday- 3 Miles
Tuesday- 6 Miles
Wednesday- 3 Miles
Thursday – REST
Friday- 6 Mile Tempo
Saturday- 11 Miles
What I did
Sunday- Crunch Bootcamp Workout on Netflix (hilarious but awesome)
Monday-3 Miles
Tuesday- 6 Mile Hill Workout (BEAST)
Wednesday- 3 Miles
Thursday- REST
Friday- 11 Miles (swapped out the long run)
Saturday- 6 Miles

I mostly stuck to the program this week, and I’m starting to feel pretty strong, which is great.  I’ve gotten back to the place where I’ll keep running even when I’m uncomfortable, which for me is a major component in marathon success.  Because, let’s be real, after so many miles, running ceases to be comfortable.

To make up for my re-found self discipline, I also re-found my kitchen.

I made a pizza with a whole wheat crust from TJs, fresh mozz, grape tomatoes & fresh arugula.

I made a roast beef sandwich with carrots, lettuce, mustard and horseradish to eat at work.

I made reverse chocolate chip cookies, when the bf had a rough day.

And then I started to clean out my closet because I am MOVING at the end of the month (more on that in a future post), and found this gem:

Aren’t I stylish?


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