Week 3 was ok. Not the epic success of week 2, but I got’er dun.  Here’s what I was supposed to do:

Sunday: Cross Train

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: REST

Friday: 5 mile tempo run

Saturday: 6 mile long run (jigga whaaaa Hal? not complaining)

Here’s what I did:

Sunday: Yoga-lates video on Netflix (the fitness videos on there are hilarious, but also great for mixing it up on the cheap)

Monday: 3 miles…dragging

Tuesday: Whoops, went to a celebratory dinner instead of running

Wednesday: Whoops, not going to run in the thunder and lightening

Thursday: 7 mile make-up run

Friday: 5 mile tempo run

Saturday: 6 mile (long run my eyeballs)

This week was the second Saturday in a row that I did my long run on the Hudson River Park path.  It’s pretty awesome.  Littered with water fountains and expensive looking fit people maintaining a fairly even elevation, you can’t find a better place to sweat yourself to death.  Unfortunately, one of it’s greatest advantages, is also it’s greatest downfall.  It is flat, flat, flat, and the NYC marathon is NOT FLAT.  So I’m going to need to start taking my long runs to more unpleasant paths. Le sigh.  Farewell for now, west side~

In non-running news, WordPress has decided that it doesn’t like to save or publish my drafts.  After loading a bajillion pics for a post (ok, like 6), and carefully drafting a work of art known as the blog post, WP decided to HATE me.  So instead of a picture filled post about what I eat on a responsible day, you got nothing!

Consequently, I had planned on posting a “good” day of eating and “bad” day of eating, you know for reference, and since the good day didn’t post, I had no reason to spend an entire day eating delicious crap! Major fail.

Maybe I’ll get back to that series in the future, but for right now, I’ll leave you with a picture of the most delicious meal I’ve had in the past week, which is in fact both “good” and “bad.”


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