New York City on summer weekends is kind of awesome.  There are a billion and ten things to do, and about half the city’s population goes…somewhere else.  While the humidity is often close to unbearable, hanging around is usually worth it.  This weekend I tried to check out Brooklyn Crab with some friends.  We got there just before 6pm on Saturday and the projected wait for dinner was…3.5 hours!  We weren’t going to wait it out, but we’d ventured all the way out to the depths of Red Hook so we stuck around to have some drinks.


In spite of the long wait and the lack of reservation capabilities, this place is pretty cool.  It really feels like the beach.  I can’t wait til they start taking reservations so I can get my hands on some crab legs!

After a long walk and a pitcher, we were in need of sustenance.  We ended up at Hanley’s in Carroll Gardens where we split a platter of sliders (serious grown up food) and sweet potato fries!

Image courtesy of the lovely Kia

I also snagged a watermelon lemonade, which turned out to be vodka soaked watermelon in lemonade.  It was delicious; perfectly tart and sweet and spiked.


On Sunday, I had an injury prevention workshop at NY Sports Med as a BoMF volunteer.  We learned exercises, strategies, and stretches to avoid common running injuries.  Yay for physical fitness and health! Since it was lovely outside afterwards but too late in the day to head to the beach or a pool, I took the long way home and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.


I always feel lucky to live in New York City when I cross the bridges, there’s something magnificent about them.

What’s your favorite place in your town/city/homeland?


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