Summer’s back! For me it means two things:

1)      I have time to breathe again

2)      Marathon training is about to hit 

I’m going to get back to my regularly scheduled posts about training, fueling, and managing to party hardy through it all, but first I figured I’d better give ya’ll an update on what’s up in my world. 

I finished my Masters!! And am the proud holder of a Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Management, woo hooo!


I started a new job in my field and finally make enough money to get cable and pay for air conditioning. Thank GOODNESS given today’s forecast.


I’ve been kicking it with my awesome running team.


I had a grand old time in Atlantic City with friends.


I PR’d in two races in my “off-season,” proving that I have the potential to run much faster than I thought I could.ImageImage

I set up my NYC Marathon Training Schedule in order to live up to the aforementioned PRs (soo much running)!


And finally, I moved my blog!

At long last, after a year of (semi) regularly maintaining Drunk on Opportunity, I decided it was time to move to a more customizable platform.  I’ll celebrate my first “blog-o-versary” on Friday, and upgrading the blog was just the kick in the petutie I needed to get back on track for year two.  So update your subscriptions and find me at!

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I'm Aubrie - nonprofit professional / triathlete / adventurer / blogger / currently on a frugal design journey as a new homeowner. Irreverent with good intentions.

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