This past weekend, Keelie of Sweat = Success (it really does, she is living, breathing proof), organized another fabulous NYC Bloggers Playdate!  I love getting to know other bloggers and fitness enthusiasts, the ladies who I’ve met at these get togethers are so awesome.

This month, Dasha Libin of Kettlebell Kickboxing hosted us for a class.  I’m not going to lie, I took a kettle bell class recently (for the first time) and I was so sore afterwards that I walked down stairs sideways for four days (I wish I was kidding, ask my friends and family), so I was…intimidated.  Unfortunately, I love a challenge and am physically incapable of saying no to a free workout (fact).


Dasha and her co-teachers were 1)fantastic and 2) hot.  I don’t know about you, but when I walk into a fitness class and the teacher looks amazing, I want to be doing what she’s doing.  They walked us through each of the exercises and corrected our form (SO important and SO often neglected in fitness classes).  By the end, I was a sweaty mess who couldn’t wait to come back for more.

The whole gang (photo from Sweat = Success)

If you know me, you would guess that I was very very hungry at this point, and you would be right.  Luckily, part of the NYC Blogger Playdate always involves food (let’s be real about why I go)!  We headed deep into Chinatown to check out Buddha Bodai, a vegetarian dim sum restaurant.  We didn’t know when we started on our journey that we would end up in the midst of the Chinese New Year.

FLAGS! (this one’s for C-Lou)

Dragons! (Also reminded me to be excited about Game of Thrones Season 2)

When we finally made it to the restaurant we were really hungry, but there were about a million and five  delicious sounding options on the menu, so deciding was yet another adventure.

serious menus demand serious concentration
In the end I could’t settle on one item (shocking, I know). I split some dumplings with my friend Colleen, rocked a wonton soup & spicy rice noodles with eggplant.

All good things folks, all good things.  Finally, full & exhausted, we took a picture (we are bloggers) and called it a day!

From left to right: Keelie (Sweat = Success), Toni (Running, Loving, Living), Ashley (Freckles & Spice), Me, my beautiful friend Colleen, Meredith (Dare You To), and Erika (Shoes Shirts & Other Sh!t)

There were lots more bloggers around for the workout, but alas I do not know them all! If you want to know about the next NYC Blogger Playdate/want to talk about blogging/plan a fun event everyone should go to, let me know!


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