So I was supposed to be running the Manhattan Half Marathon this morning, but because NYC got its first snow of the year, they made it a “non-competitive event” that you didn’t have to run to get credit for. If I was a good runner, or lived near Central Park, I would’ve bundled up and gotten out there to run 13.1 miles in the snow for fun…but I’m not a good runner.  I’m a bit on the lazy side, and getting that 9 + 1 credit for 2013 from the warmth of my own bed… well that’s just awesome.  So at 5:30, I went BACK to bed to the sound of plows pummeling down the street.  
At 9:30 I got up for real, made myself a delicious cup of coffee from the french press (this is my new favorite thing EVER), 
 made some toast with peanut butter, apple and cinnamon, and eased into the day.
Since I played the snow day card on this morning’s race I resolved to head to the gym.  I knocked out an hour long vinyasa class, ran a mile on the track and did a 20 minute plyometric workout in which I sweat like a (insert expletive here).  Yay sweat! 
This afternoon I’m headed to Cafe Glechik, a Ukrainian restaurant in Brighton Beach with my fabulous grad school classmates.  I’m sure I’ll have some fantastic food & friend photos for you later!
Do you still run outside when its snowing?  How bad does it have to be for you to call it a snow day?

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