Those of you who are Italian probably know about the “Feast of the Seven Fishes”.  Basically, it’s a Christmas Eve tradition in which families eat seven different courses of delicious FISH!  Now, I’m not Italian, but my mom’s best friend married into an amazing Italian family and we were adopted into their Feast of Amazingness.  Since everyone was obliging enough to let me take photos of EVERY dish, I’m going to share them with you!
Course 1- Fish Stew
Course 2- Tuna in Pasta
Course 3- I forget what this one is (cod maybe?), but was fantastic
Course 4- Fried smelt (weirdly YUM)
Course 5- Bluefish- this was SO GOOD (I won’t give away the secret)
Course 6- Scallops in Risotto
Course 7- Baccala
After all that amazing (healthy) fish, we closed the evening with some killer TIRAMISU!

and finally, MY contribution to the evening, a bottle of my favorite, Veuve Cliquot!
 My Aunt Beth (family by friendship, not blood) broke out these hilarious glasses because one of the couples at dinner surprised us by showing up engaged!!  (This proves my theory that if you buy a bottle of great champagne, things will happen that are worth celebrating.)  Cheers to the happy couple!
Many many thanks to the 3 generations of gentlemen who brought all seven fishes to delicious fruition and to the whole family for including my Irish/German/Slovak/English/Extremely American family in this AWESOME tradition.


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