I’d read so many articles about the post-marathon blues, I half expected to get them, but a week out from my big race, I’m feeling GOLDEN.  While I’m no expert, I think these factors have contributed to my post-race glow.

1) It was my first marathon and everyone I’ve seen this week has congratulated me.  Let’s be real folks, the praise for this race is a big part of what makes it worth the AGONIZING PAIN of running 26.2 miles.  I’m more proud that I survived the damn thing than anything else, plus I kept an average 10 min per mile pace which ain’t too shabby for a first marathon.  Additionally, a bunch of my running friends have told me how inspired they are to try a marathon or half, so now I can look forward to training with friends for future races! 

2) I’m super busy.  When I decided to run a marathon over the summer I had  a LOT more time than I’ve had the past few months.  My fall schedule went from packed to INSANE when I put “train for a marathon” into the mix with full time grad student, full time job, teaching an undergrad class and searching for a permanent full time position.  I haven’t felt the same empty space that many runners experience when training ends.  I’ve felt relief.  Enormous amounts of relief, a return to my social life, and can you say 8-9 hours of sleep every night?

3) The holidays.  Thanksgiving was hectic, but it’s still great to see friends and family, and the start of the Holiday season is a great distraction from well, anything.  I swapped multi hour runs for christmas music and baking.  Not a bad trade eh?

4) Other forms of fitness.  The last month of my marathon training I was DESPERATE to mix some new fitness routines into my running but I 1) didn’t have time to meet my necessary mileage and do other workouts and 2) wanted to avoid injury.  Now that I don’t have to hit 35-40 miles a week I can roll a spin class, strength training, yoga and dance back into my life.  Yay!! 

Do you get post-race blues, post race highs or both?

About the Author Aubrie Fennecken

Aubrie Fennecken is the Chief Alchemist at Opportunity Kitchen | work + wellness strategist | nonprofit fundraising expert | providing productivity and self-care support for mission-driven humans

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