I’ve been short on words this week, I imagine because I have a nasty cold and talking hurts, but I’ve got some pictures of important things that are going on in my life right now.

Frozen Yogurt.  My dear friend Adi, who lives in London nowadays is in town on very professional business.  Yesterday we met up for lunch and she suggested frozen yogurt.  Now I’ve avoided the fro yo chains since I moved to NYC because I KNOW I will develop an expensive habit, but with friends it’s always worth it.  So, I give you Pinkberry pomegranate and original fro yo with raspberries, mango and chocolate shavings.

TODAY, is game five of the NLDS series between the Cardinals and the Phillies.  I am psychotically (mildly) obsessed with the Philadelphia Phillies (some day I will blog about the wall in my home dedicated to this regal sports team), so I’m wearing my colors today.

I’ll be watching the game tonite in the Philadelphia area with my family because it is a million times better than watching it with some angry Mets fans at a Brooklyn bar.  See you tomorrow New York!


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