Oouf.  I am sore.  Not achy, painful to move sore, but ummm excuse me you should REST after racing 18 miles, not run errands all over NYC, sore.  Luckily, I have theater design class after work today so I’m carrying around foam board and drafting supplies in addition to my usual bag o tricks.

total bag lady

Last night I fell asleep by 10pm I was so wiped out after my bustling weekend.  This morning I woke up, did some early morning homework (because today is obviously a rest day on my training schedule I was NOT running), showered and got ready for work.  In spite of my 8 hours of sleep last night I was still pretty tired.  Luckily, I packed myself a power lunch of leftover eggplant stirfry, chick peas and brown rice.  Yum.

After work and class and countless back and forths on the subway I ordered up some chinese from my local hole in the wall.  I can’t say it’s anything special, but when good chinese can be ready and at your door in 15 mins, it is life saving.  (I would have taken a pic but I was STARVING…I got steak and peppers if you’re interested). 

Tomorrow’s another busy day but then I have 5 DAYS WITH NO CLASSES!!! (Thank you Rosh Hashannah!)  I will be going grocery shopping, and yoga classing, and cooking, and napping and tv watching and blogging!  Having evenings off is going to be stellar.

Got anything exciting planned for this week?


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