This weekend was DELICIOUS.  On Friday night I made an eggplant stir fry.  On Saturday I baked chocolate chip cookies:

 Since I had an 18 mile race on Sunday morning, I knew I would need more carbs than just cookies, so I wrangled my favorite Brooklyn native into going to Vinny’s of Carroll Gardens. Chicken Parmesan anyone?

BUT, I didn’t quite think I was done with the carb-loading so we went out for a couple beers (obviously).  In spite of myself, I headed home at a reasonable hour, tucked my merry self into bed at 10:30 and set the alarm for…early.  I’m trying to forget about how early it was.

The 18 mile tune-up was an enormous success!  (FYI, I’m not running the NYC marathon, but I AM running a marathon in November, so I figured I totally count for the NYC Marathon tune up, right?).  The race was 3 miles of Central Park, and since it’s pretty hilly I made a deal with myself that if I ran completely through the first 2 laps I could walk up the big hills on the last one.  Strategy was implemented, and I finished the race in 2:49:57, more than 10 minutes under my goal! Woot.

After the race I scurried my smelly self home, showered got gussied up and met some amazing ladies at a meet-up of health bloggers organized by the amazing Keelie of Sweat = Success!  We met up at East of 8th in Chelsea (brunch in Chelsea, so glam, right?).  I got to meet Ashley of Freckles and Spice, Toni of Running, Living, Loving, Juliette of Finish Your Broccoli, Lynda of Healthy Hoboken Girl and Amelia and Dierdre from Highways to Health.

Since I was in the presence of so many healthy ladies I obviously tried to order something health conscious:

The Monte Cristo, aka a ham and cheese sandwich in french toast.  I am so good at this healthy stuff.  Since there weren’t any fruits or vegetables on my plate I made sure to order a mimosa to get some vitamin C.

Sigh.  So much goodness.  Did your weekend involve as much delicious food as mine did? 


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Aubrie Fennecken is the Chief Alchemist at Opportunity Kitchen | work + wellness strategist | nonprofit fundraising expert | providing productivity and self-care support for mission-driven humans

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