So I’ve been a terrible blogger lately, but I HAVE been getting things done in real life.  Since I start classes again next week I have been trying to fit in as much non-performing arts management related stuff as I possibly can (FYI I’m working on an MFA in Performing Arts Management).  On Friday, I talked my friend Colleen (law student extraordinaire) into going to a free volleyball clinic at Brooklyn Bridge Park.  (We) I was terrible, but it was a lot of fun and we rewarded ourselves with beer afterwards at 61 Local in Cobble Hill.  We had an awesome window-front view of the crazy lightening storm we got, and had some delicious local beer.

Saturday I tried my very first group run with the South Brooklyn Running Club (am I overdoing it with the links today?).  I’ve always been a solo runner, and quite frankly was intimidated by the idea of the group run, and the running club.  I mean, I see those teams at NYRR races and they are DAMN FAST; however, I was planning on running summer streets on Saturday anyway and that’s the route they were taking, so I gave it a shot.  Lucky for me, there was another runner there who kept my pace and wanted to run the same distance (14 miles baby!).  I didn’t think I ran well with others, but it was so much fun!  Also, summer streets is awesome, can we do it all year round NYC?

After I tried and failed to go out on Saturday night, I spent a lazy Sunday relaxing and getting prep work done for school…which I’ve been doing ever since.  I need to fit in at least one summer movie and one crazy night out before the semester begins….looks like this is the week for it!

What are you trying to fit in before summer slips away?

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