Today was an easy run day; 3 miles, doodled along in the early morning.  Sometimes I struggle with easy runs, not because I mind running a relaxed pace, but it’s so easy to compare yourself or unconsciously start racing other runners.  Today it wasn’t a problem.  I was so inside my own run, I don’t even know if I saw any other runners (which I obviously did since my route took me along Prospect Park).  This was the first run I’ve had in awhile where there was no music, no noise inside my head, just me and my run.  I paid attention to every footfall and breath and just relished the joy of being able to propel myself forward.  This is why I love to run.  It’s the same reason, I love to dance: the pure joy of movement.  I have a body that is strong and able and can run, dance, sit at a desk, walk to the subway, carry groceries, play in the park, swim in the ocean, etc.  How cool is that?

(I only make recipes I find on blogs)

Since I had plenty of time this morning (a short run will do that), I tried to make protein pancakes for the first time.  I used this recipe from Sarah Fit’s blog (love it!).  The pancake was awesome.  Being the indulgent person I am, I topped the whole thing with a serving of Boysenberry Syrup (150 delicious empty calories).  The syrup was good, but it was wayyy too much (note to self: serving size is a suggestion, not a mandate), so next time I’ll be using a third of that much.

Lunch will be more of my kale/lentil creation leftovers, and I’m thinking dinner will probably involve some Bone Suckin Sauce.

Are you ever totally amazed at what your body can do?  You brain? (I know there’s some smartypants out there!)  What daily accomplishment are you most prooud of?


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