Ever heard of Klout Perks?  Apparently if Klout thinks you are influential about something, it can hook you up with a product/advertiser and hope that you will talk about it.  I like free stuff and trying new things, so I signed up for this thrill ride a few weeks ago.  Lo and behold this lovely package showed up in my mail last week:

The “year’s supply” of Secret Clinical Protection came with this cute little disclaimer from Klout Perks, “The Influencer Code of Ethics”.  They’re encouraging full disclosure, score one for Klout Perks!  I decided to give myself a week before I wrote about my internet be-got goodies so that I could 1) Actively assess the efficacy of my current deodorant and 2) Test out the new one in a few different circumstances.

I had been using Mitchum Power Gel for Women , and had overall been happy with it.  The scent is light, almost non-existent, and the gel consistency doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes.  The only problem with it would feel sticky at the beginning of a workout, and quite frankly it was irritating.

Secret Clinical Protection is a white solid (it seems to have a sort of whipped solid consistency), so I was little worried it would get on my clothes.  So far, it hasn’t been an issue, I’ll keep you posted!  It smells AMAZING.  The second I put it on I was in love with the smell.  It’s fresh and clean, but not too strong.  The downside of this is that I spent all morning trying to get a whiff of my armpits…oops?

In terms of protection, it kept me dry and non smelly sweating during the day, and was comfortable through my workouts.  When I ran a 3 miler, I still smelled good afterwards…weird.  However, in true I am a sweaty athlete form, if I went on a hard run, a long run, or did speedwork I was a smelly beast from head to toe (but I really don’t expect a deodorant to make me smell like a rose 2 hours and 12 miles later).

All in all, I’d give it an A+.  When I run out of the free stuff, I will probably buy more.

Do you have any favorite products that you would never trade for another brand?

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