Sorry I fell off the face of the internet this weekend!  On Friday night, my amazing friend Maggie came all the way down from Connecticut just to sit in my apartment with me and drink margaritas and chat.  She is the best, and nights in are sooo good.  Saturday I worked as an usher for Lincoln Center Festival (yes I will pick up extra shifts to be around amazing theater!), met my old roommate Elise for more chatting and cocktails (it seems we’re all in the need for a little bit of relaxation and reflection lately), and got to bed by 11pm.Sunday morning was my scheduled long run.  I had wanted to do 13miles, but woke up late after I spent the night tossing over the obnoxious loud people below my apartment.  By the time I got up, I only had time to get 10 miles in before showering and heading back to the festival (yes I will work doubles to be around amazing theater).  Today, I was exhausted, but made it through the day.  I was craving salty snacks all day (I do that when I’m tired), so I made some kale chips.  They are SUPER simple, and soo delicious.

What you need:

A bunch of kale
2 tbsp olive oil (you only need 1 but I think 130 calories of oil is good for me)
salt and pepper (or whatever you prefer)

Tear the kale into bit size peices (avoid the stem-y part its hard to eat).  Wash thoroughly (I once found a bug on a piece of raw kale so now I wash it EVERY TIME).

Put it in a bowl and drizzle olive oil over and sprinkle with salt and pepper as you like it.  Toss it like a salad.

Spread over a cookie tray covered in wax paper (or if you’re spoiled like me, over a pampered chef baking stone).  Bake for 10 minutes at 350 or until edges are slightly browned.  Remove from the oven at EAT!

Easy. Peasy.

Got any healthy snack ideas for me?


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Aubrie Fennecken is the Chief Alchemist at Opportunity Kitchen | work + wellness strategist | nonprofit fundraising expert | providing productivity and self-care support for mission-driven humans

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