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After work yesterday I headed out for a little Happy Hour turned Ladies Night ($3 drinks in pink cups? Yes please!), with the best business women in New York City’s performing arts scene (this is a fact…aka my grad school classmates).  Since my wild night didn’t get me home until 10:30pm (gasp!), I cut myself a little slack this morning and gave myself an extra half hour.  Instead of heading out for a run I did a quick “endurance training workout” (whatever that means) I picked up from this article.  I switched it up a little to work for me and did the whole thing as a circuit instead of repeating reps of the same exercise.  Mine looked like this:

20 Step Ups
10 Standing Lunges (left)
10 Standing Lunges (right)
10 Burpees (kill me)
20 Crunches
20 Flutter Kicks
10 Push Ups
10 Dips

Rinse, repeat!

The whole thing took about 20 minutes and felt like a pretty decent (albeit short) workout.  Since it’s gorgeous out, I may still go on a quick run this evening, but I wanted to keep in the habit of getting up early (in spite of my late night shenanigans).

I need some cross/strength training advice.  Have any workouts that you love to supplement your running?


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