August… AUGUST?!

Wow, so while I was dealing with my internal turmoil with a string of philosophical posts about heaven knows what, July just flew on by!  This is good news…but also puts some serious pressure on me.  I have a new roommate moving in soon, so I’ve got to uber clean my apartment.  I have to get in my IRB application for my graduate thesis in the spring (laaaaaaaame).  The event I’m working on at my internship is creeping closer and not enough seems to be getting done.  I have an 18 mile race chasing at my heels in less than 2 months, annnnnd I need to finish the syllabus for the class I’m teaching this fall (more on that to come).  School starts again in exactly 4 weeks.  I’m working the next two weekends (in addition to my regular work week).  Are you tired just thinking about it? I am.

The reality is that my life is going to be insanely busy from now until December.  No questions asked, I am going to be “burning the candle at both ends” for the next four months (Good thing I got all that moping out of the way in July).  I’m going to get you some recaps of my super relaxing weekend this evening and then take you on the whirlwind I’m going to call Fall 2011.  Get your game face on!

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