Happy Friday everyone! If you live almost anywhere in the US today you are sweating to death, but know that you are not alone.  I feel you (and I may or may not have forgotten to put on deodorant this morning…feel bad for my co-workers).  I’ll be on a tour of places that are air conditioned today: the office, Loehmann’s (I have a gift card!!), the gym, and later some bar (because obviously I can’t go home since I don’t have a/c).  Thank goodness for modern amenities, can you even IMAGINE what today would be like if this were 1920 and none of us had air conditioning?  Yea, I don’t want to think about it either.

Yesterday I employed a similar strategy to beat the heat.  I headed straight to the gym after work, but not before picking up this delicious energy bar by CLIF.  I may have already mentioned my affinity for CLIF energy bars, as I find them to be the only energy bars on the market that are delightful to eat and enough fuel for long runs.  This one’s the CLIF Mojo, and its AMAZING.  It’s marketed as “sweet and salty” which obviously is the world’s best combination of flavors.  There are pretzels and peanuts in this bar and its chewy and crunchy and did I mention that its amazing?  I hate half of it before my workout, and the rest after.  It gave me plenty of fuel to get through (a 5K followed by some speedwork and strength training), and it was just so damn pleasant to eat.  I’m going to try and buy it wholesale from the CLIF company.

Because it was so damn hot, and that Mojo bar had already rocked my world, I wasn’t really hungry for dinner yesterday.  I made some frozen broccoli in the microwave, had some popcorn and ate some nuts.   Seriously, I know this is a sub par and really weird dinner, but I could NOT use my stove or oven yesterday.  It just was not an option.  Afterwards I headed over to Charlie’s (he has a/c).  On the way over I passed so many bars that looked like Thursday was the world’s best ever night to go out, so I convinced Charlie that it was time to bring back thirsty Thursdays (not with that phrasing however, because he would have rolled his eyes and turned on Sports Center if I used the words “thirsty” and “Thursday” together).  Anyhow, it was FUN!  There are lots of people out on Thursday nights (bars are air conditioned), and its so casual, I loved it, I love it, I’m bringing back Thursdays: Friday mornings be damned!

This morning I rocked a banana, peanut butter, english muffin and a diesel iced coffee.

What are you doing to survive heatpocolaypse?


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Aubrie Fennecken is the Chief Alchemist at Opportunity Kitchen | work + wellness strategist | nonprofit fundraising expert | providing productivity and self-care support for mission-driven humans

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