I’ve been feeling a little…..stuck lately.  I’m in between my first and second years of grad school, and feeling pretty darn ready to gear up and be employed like a regular person again.  However, I’m currently committed in intern limbo and will start classes again in a month, so there isn’t much employment seeking going on until December.  Hence, I feel stuck and a little bit out of the drivers seat.  On Monday night I had a super interesting subconscious protest to my current situation.  It went like this:

I get on the bus (which is running the 2/3 line, but as a bus and above ground, but I’m not in New York…I’m in Boston but it looks like New York) going from Brooklyn to Manhattan (BUT ITS NOT NEW YORK, ITS BOSTON).  The bus starts going over a bridge (that looks like the Manhattan bridge, but it’s not, it’s some bridge over the Charles River in Boston) but its a drawbridge and its rising to let a boat through.  At this point I say to myself, “Is this guy just going to drive us into the river?”  and the busdriver keeps going, as we reach the peak of the bridge, I’m not panicking, I’m thinking “SERIOUSLY, IS THIS GUY REALLY JUST GOING TO DRIVE US INTO THE RIVER?” as if he’s some moron in my way on the street, not a suicidal/homocidal maniac.  As it becomes clear that we are in fact going into the river, I sit and think “sigh, ok how do I survive this?”  and as the bus plummets towards the water I wake up.

Let’s analyze!

1) Obviously I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a bad situation and just have to figure out how to deal with it.

2) I read a blog on Sunday about someone who was running along the Charles River, which I have NO personal memory of.  Hence, I was somewhere else but it really just looked like what my brain already knows.

3) I randomly took the 2/3 train to work Monday morning instead of my regular lines b/c my mom was visiting and headed somewhere on that line.


In response I’m trying to take control of the things I can. Long runs, healthy foods and getting to bed on time is going to be enough for now.

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