Self Magazine told me so!  I have a sixth sense about these things though (these things meaning any possible reason/excuse to indulge in sweet goodness), so I got my fix last night.

My nails match my ice cream…

So after my wild Friday night and lazy Saturday, I actually did get up on Sunday and knock out my first training run of the season.  I kicked a solid 10 miles, and a run/walked eleventh mile before stretching, icing and sitting on my ass for the rest of the day.  As I’m a coffee drinker, I can’t do a long run without caffein-ating first, so I started my day with half of a large iced coffee and half an english muffin with peanut butter and banana.  When I got home I consumed the other halves…and then I ate a lot of cheese (what? I mixed the cheese with black beans and salsa!  don’t judge my cheese obsession!).

Since I have a really cool part time gig in which I WORK FROM HOME (this is seriously the coolest thing ever imo), I got some work done to earn some cash money, and then watched the Women’s World Cup.  Can we talk about a great game?  Because I was totally nail biting the entire time.  While it would have been amazing to see the US Women win (how awesome are they?), I wasn’t upset that the Japanese took the Cup.  First of all, they earned it (I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a no-bull soccer game), second of all, Japan really needed a win this year.  Even so, second place in the World Cup is nothing to scoff at and I’m pretty proud of all these strong American women.  Here’s to you ladies!

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