However, they are doing it inconsistently.  I currently have 6 stations tailored just for me courtesy of the music genome project (and I love them all), but what the internet thinks I want, changes based on which station I’m favoring at the moment.  For example, when I put on my “country” station, Pandora gives me advertisements for Sealy mattresses and some Italian jeweler’s engagement rings.  When I put on the station I’ve deemed “hipster music” I get ads for Brooklyn singles and e-dating sights.

ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME NEW YORKERS ARE LONELY AND PEOPLE FROM THE SOUTH & WEST GET MARRIED AND BUY HOMES, PANDORA?  Because, you would probably be right.  But what about me Pandora?  I listen to both stations, couldn’t you come up with advertising that aligns specifically with me?  The Netflix ads were a good pick, I totally bought that one.  Vistaprint was decent too, that fits persons across musical genres!  What I’m trying to say is that my possession of multiple stations should inform overall advertising strategy as opposed to stereotyping each of my channels.  I don’t know how Pandora’s ad reps decide what goes where, and I probably shouldn’t tell them how to do their jobs, but wouldn’t you just LOVE to see what they would come up with if I put my “musicals” and “geto boyz radio” stations together?!

(Update: at the time of publishing this post, Pandora gave me an ad for GOOGLE…I guess it doesn’t get more universal than that)

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