Happy Belated 4th to all!  I had an intensely uneventful weekend, which was much needed.  On Friday, we went up to the new hot dog stand + beer tent on top of a public restroom on Pier 6 of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Bark, and had some Six Points under the stars.  I can’t say anything for the food (Because of my vanity we didn’t get there until after they stopped serving food), but it’s a great environment to hang out and relax (read picnic tables and plastic cups).  The drink options were limited, but fairly priced and the view of lower Manhattan and the harbor is incomparable.
Saturday I worked my new part time gig as an usher at Lincoln Center Festival (hello?  I just got paid to watch the Royal Shakespeare Company perform Romeo and Juliet…awesome), and then headed to a BBQ.  There were burgers and hot dogs and grilled veggies and grilled apple pie…that’s right folks, we put the Apple Pie on the grill to warm it up (lazy ingenuity), and it was DELICIOUS.
(4th of July themed manicure done by yours truly)
Being exhausted from days of playing, Sunday was pretty lazy for me, but I did get an awesome workout in.  It appears most of the city was out of town and therefore I had free run of the gym.  I recently started strength training again (aka, I integrated various exercises with small dumbbells into my routine of just running whenever I find the time…I’m extremely structured about my fitness, obV), so it was nice to have access to all the goodies without fear of making a fool of myself in front of other people.
Since I had burned so many calories, it was necessary to refuel in the most healthy way possible.  Charlie and I went to get ice cream (snickers flavor from Baskin Robbins!).  Monday morning we decided to be the best Americans we could by going shopping to stimulate the economy.  I didn’t buy anything really, but I did get a Captain America iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts that made me feel pretty patriotic.  As it turns out, I had spent so much time punking around over the weekend, that I still had work to get done.  My 4th of July was spent writing a press release over a glass of white wine…maybe I’ll be cooler next year.


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